Major Site Update Archives - 2004

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  • Forums
    • Added a spell check feature for posting
    • Added new emoticons
    • Added new avatar gallery
    • Changed the layout so that they could fit inside the main site's template for consistency
  • Timeline
    • Removed all events from the Sixteenth Century on the timeline
    • Added functionality for displaying circa abbreviation (ca.) when exact year is unknown for events
    • New feature allows users to browse by region
    • New feature allows users to browse by category
    • Updated timeline event submission form
  • Colors and formatting of MPI, timeline, and resources & links areas changed to be consistent with each other and the quotations area
  • Removed graphics surrounding MPI's topic display
  • MPI, quotations, and timeline areas updated several times


  • Updated the site header for the holidays
  • Removed 'medieval' from the title of the timeline and quotations sections due to redundancy
  • Fixed an error in the code of the timeline that prevented multiple countries for entries from displaying
  • Added a new staff information page
  • Changed announcements box of main page from Flash to HTML and PHP code
  • Modified the headlines page in the news section
  • Implemented a series of forum changes since previous update
  • Formatted member names and modified the forums so that the correct color for each member's name is consistently displayed
  • Reorganized the forums
  • Added medieval review forums
  • Updated the site map in the help section
  • Updated the clickable random site information box for the front page of the site


  • Areas of the site with new additions for this update include: resources and links, the MPI, the medieval timeline, and medieval quotations
  • Revamped the resources and links section
    • Reformatted date output
    • Added a link visitors can use to report a broken link
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Added medieval quotations submission form
  • Added a clickable random site information box for the front page of the site
  • Reorganized medieval quotations, dividing the quotations according to their sources
  • Updated all of the site's form mail scripting
  • Added a 404 error page for the medieval history section and revamped pre-existing 404 error pages for the main site and forums
  • Created a new database for updates and site information and rewrote all database connections throughout the site for more consistency
  • Fixed the front page's size error
  • Changed the name of the latest site updates page to the announcements page (to match the appropriate area in the forums)


  • Added medieval quotations to the medieval history section
  • Completely recoded and revamped the main page
  • Added menu rollover effect for JavaScript-enabled browsers; those browsers that are not JavaScript-enabled should notice no difference
  • Modified the navigation system to take into account the new address of the medieval history section
  • Modified the site's copyright information
  • Modified the legal information, about us, and contact information pages
  • Changed the header graphic for the forums and the images contained within the downloadable link pack


  • This Web site will now be referred to as Shadowed Realm instead of
  • Graphical enhancements - a new banner for the site and a new cobblestone background texture for the pages
  • New address for the medieval history section:
  • Added new content to allow site visitors to make donations
  • Updates to the site affiliates page
  • Streamlined some of the code to improve search engine rankings


  • A new medieval timeline for the medieval history section
  • Added a site affiliates page
  • Revamped the contact information page
  • Updated the site news page to make it easier to view and post comments


  • Disabled Lo-Fi version of the site
  • Revamped the resources and links section
  • Removed the site archives section
  • Revamped the medieval submissions area
  • Many additions to the MPI
  • Added a new navigational menu
  • Forums version 2.0 (IPB) also included in this update


  • Original publish of the site
  • All content was found in the medieval history section with exclusive articles, the MPI, Resources & Links, and a submissions area
  • Original site had a news, archives, and site help section
  • Main site pages of the original publish included: site feedback, broken link, join the staff, legal information, contact information, link to us, and about the site pages
  • Forums version 1.3.1 (IPB)