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Shadowed Realm is recruiting staff members to expand the site and add more content. There are some really great opportunities to volunteer as a staff member here, so read on to learn more:


The following is a list of just a few of the ways that you could contribute to the growth of the site:

  • Write a monthly or bi-monthly article pertaining to anything related to medieval history or fantasy
  • Report new movies and books that are coming out soon
  • Contribute pictures of medieval architecture and ruins that you've taken or send in medieval graphics that you've created
  • Moderate our forums and answer visitor's questions and respond to their posts
  • Write reviews for books, movies, games, and or other sources
  • Create critiques of medieval literature and primary sources

There are even more ways to contribute that aren't listed here, so fill out a staff application form and join us in creating and maintaining one of the best medieval resources on the Web.

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Moderate the site's forums
Write reviews for movies, books, games, etc.
Create critiques of medieval sources

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