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Kristen's Desk in May

Posted by KristoCat, 06 May 2011 · 2612 views

I don't know if you remember, but about a year ago I posted about preparing for the summer reading program, and said that my desk usually looked like a bizarre explosion had taken place. Well it's that time again at the library, and I was moved to take a picture of my desk last week to show all of you how craziness can manifest itself at the ...

Detective Work and April Books

Posted by KristoCat, 01 May 2011 · 2902 views

Sometimes at work I feel like a detective. A couple of weeks ago, a patron needed help finding a book that she didn't seem to know very much about, apart from the fact that she heard about it somewhere and she wanted to read it. She said the book:

Featured a plot point centered around methamphetaminesHad something to do with...

March Books

Posted by KristoCat, 08 April 2011 · 2674 views

Oh dear, I'm a bit late yet again with last month's book post. Ah well, better late than never.

Under 200 Pages:
Dying to Meet You by Kate Klise. Cute kids' story featuring a friendly ghost.Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen. Adventure story set during the Revolutionary War. Pretty good but not as amazing as his classic...

The Liberry

Posted by KristoCat, 18 March 2011 · 2876 views

I found one of the most awesome blogs ever: Love the Liberry. It's full of little anecdotes and lists of questions that the librarians at an anonymous city's public library encounter all the time. One of my favorite posts is titled "Recidivism":

"A guy came in wanting a book...

February Books

Posted by KristoCat, 05 March 2011 · 2565 views

I read a good number of books last month, but a lot of them were re-readings. I re-read The Name of the Wind to prepare for the March 1 release of the sequel, The Wise Man's Fear. I also re-read the Mallorean series. Here's the full list:

Under 200 pages:
The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook by Eleanor...

January Books

Posted by KristoCat, 02 February 2011 · 1712 views

Because of a huge blizzard, the library closed today and so I get to sit here nice and cozy in my PJs and blog--and try not to think about digging out from under a foot of snow. It could be a lot worse, though. At least I don't have to go in to work today, like Dad, or work from home today, like Rich.

I saw...


Posted by KristoCat, 16 January 2011 · 2441 views

Another blog entry with a mishmash of totally unrelated items!

First, I read a Slate article a couple of weeks ago with a quote that was full of awesome:

The fact that the Constitution is sufficiently open-ended to infuriate all Americans almost equally is part of its enduring...

The Big Book Recap for 2010

Posted by KristoCat, 01 January 2011 · 1650 views

So this year I read 120 official books. If you add in the in-between books that were over 200 pages, you get a total of 132. And if you add together all the books I listed, including manga, chapter books, and books I gave up on (usually I give these 50-100 pages before I set them aside) you get a total of 149.

Last year's "everything" total...

December Books

Posted by KristoCat, 01 January 2011 · 2238 views

Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did on New Year's Eve. Jenna and Branden came over and we all played with one of my new toys, the Wii Sports Resort. Swordfighting is awesome! I have also been really enjoying playing Civilization V and eating delicious...

Christmastime is Here!

Posted by KristoCat, 19 December 2010 · 1628 views

This year's Operation Healthy Christmas is going pretty well so far. A coworker was really sick with a cold last week, but the last time I saw her was Thursday, and now it's Sunday and I'm feeling fine, so I think I probably dodged that bullet.

Rich just took me to see the musical...

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