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Some Changes Around Here

Posted by KristoCat, 19 June 2009 · 1427 views

So, how does everyone like the new look? I hope no one had trouble getting here. Invision Power Board's upgrade included changing the URLs for the blogs.

I didn't post last weekend because I was working all weekend in order to pull off a stuffed animal library overnight party. Basically this meant that the kids left their stuffed animals at the library overnight on Saturday, and then I went in early on Sunday before we opened at 1 to take pictures of the animals having a "party" in the library. Each kid got a couple pictures of their animal when they came on Sunday to pick them up. It was a low cost program and people seemed to like it, so yay. It just took a lot of extra time on my part.

I can't resist posting some more pictures of the herbs growing in the pots outside on the porch. They have grown a LOT in the past couple of weeks! Check it out (click the pictures to embiggen):
Attached Image
Attached Image
The dill is the stuff that looks like grass. It really shot up like a rocket. Very cool.

Rich and I, in pursuit of all things Joss Whedon, have been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately. We like the show, as it has an appealing blend of action and comic relief, and it's kind of campy in a good way. :thumbup:

The library's summer reading program is going well. We have quite a few kids registered for the program... we topped 250 a couple of weeks ago, I think, which means it's my personal best so far. Program attendance is pretty high so far, too. I have a Safari Mini-Golf program scheduled to take place in a little over a week, and I'm kind of freaking out about it because I'm trying to figure out the logistics of putting together a fun mini-golf course--with the few supplies I have (rolled up paper, Kleenex boxes, and shipping boxes, along with 5 free-standing foam board safari animals)--that will occupy at least 30 children--and I have one hour to do it. Why, why, why did I schedule this to take place at 10 a.m., one hour after the library opens?? :wallbash: I should have realized that it would be incredibly popular and that it would take forever to set up. Sigh.


Could not the foam animals be "in situ" the night before. I am sure no-one would notice that they weren't correctly in position.

Or could you set it up the night before, rope it off, and set up some sort of "ticket box" or "park entry" where the kids have to enter at a certain point. Make it part of the mini golf experience.
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It would be nice to set it up the night before, but I would have to make a special trip out to the library to do it, as the event is on a Monday morning. Setting it up Friday is out of the question because the space is reserved from the community building only for certain times, and I can't hold it all weekend. I have recruited extra help for Monday morning though, so I think it will be ok.
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