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Big Money!

Posted by KristoCat, 22 August 2009 · 1499 views

A few weeks ago, a little girl asked me how much I got paid. Her mom wasn't within earshot, so she couldn't rescue me, and I said, "Well, not as much as other librarians who work at bigger libraries. But, my job is A LOT more fun!" And it is.

You know how the farmer's market is directly outside the library on Thursdays? Well, I was out there buying corn and cucumber and whatnot, and behind me I heard a little voice say in a hushed exclamation, "It's the library lady! Oooo, I bet she'll come over here!" And sure enough, when I turned around, I saw a couple of kids I knew running a little lemonade stand. I bought some lemonade for a quarter, and as I was getting the quarter out one of the kids said, "I'll give you a dollar in change." I laughed and said, "Oh, no, don't do that." So I got my lemonade and the kid said, "Here's your dollar!" And she handed me this:

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A 6-year-old's version of a dollar bill. I loved it.

I also had a patron in last week who was trying to find a dollar to pay for the movie she was borrowing. She came up with her last dollar, which looked like this:

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She said, "Sorry it's folded into the shape of a T-shirt." I said, "Don't be! I love it!" And I put a dollar of my own into the cash drawer so I could take it home with me.

I love that you're the "library lady"
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I'm replying to my own post so you'll know it's you sister. Hi. :greeting:
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