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Posted by KristoCat, 24 November 2009 · 1603 views

Lately I have been seeing some good videos here on the Interwebs. :P I found the first one on Pat Rothfuss's blog, and it's called Prop. 8: The Musical. Take a look here. I would have embedded it, but that function was disabled upon request, according to YouTube.

This next one is a lot more random, but Meg Cabot, Rich, and I all liked it. A French guy dresses up like a bat and tries to act like one, except he's a lot more... em... social than a normal bat would be. Check it out.


My favorite part was when the cop car passed the bat dude, and then backed up to him again, lights flashing. :laughing:

Also, I spent some time on IMDB today, and was delighted to discover that there is a full-length preview of the upcoming Percy Jackson movie. You can watch it here.

After watching it, my stance is of cautious enthusiasm. The preview makes the movie look very cool, but I have already noticed some departures from the plot of the book, which IMHO was peachy just the way it was, thank you very much.

I liked the preview - the movie looks like it will be good. Hopefully, any departures from the plot of the book will serve the plot of the movie and not just be added to fit in more special effects.

Also, am I the only one who is horrified by this?

What is that pig up to? Looks like trouble. :no:
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What is that pig up to? Looks like trouble. :no:

I think the pig is holding a book. It's pretty hard to see, though. Did he remind you of this guy?
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