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Posted by KristoCat, 16 January 2011 · 2435 views

Another blog entry with a mishmash of totally unrelated items!

First, I read a Slate article a couple of weeks ago with a quote that was full of awesome:

The fact that the Constitution is sufficiently open-ended to infuriate all Americans almost equally is part of its enduring genius.


I got the new version of the PC game Civilization for Christmas (Civ V). It's really cool! You can see the website here. In case you don't remember or don't know, the Civilization games are strategy games where you start with a couple of guys, one to found a city and one to defend it, and slowly grow your civilization to try and achieve world domination. One of the main differences between Civ V and Civ IV is that they made a rule change that is forcing me to completely rethink all my old military strategies. In Civ IV, you could stack a bunch of military units onto one tile, and move them in one huge mass toward an enemy city. If you had enough siege weapons and your units were sufficiently advanced (not bringing swords to a gunfight is always key), the city would probably fall. In Civ V though, you can't have more than one military unit in a tile at a time. Of course this is much more realistic, but a lot more difficult as well, since now my guys are always getting in each other's way. :madviking:

And I saw a cool video the other day called The Facebook Song. Watching it was really fun, and it reinforced my decision to put off getting a Facebook page as long as possible. Here it is:

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