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The Liberry

Posted by KristoCat, 18 March 2011 · 2875 views

I found one of the most awesome blogs ever: Love the Liberry. It's full of little anecdotes and lists of questions that the librarians at an anonymous city's public library encounter all the time. One of my favorite posts is titled "Recidivism":

"A guy came in wanting a book on "How to Fight Your Traffic Ticket and Win" but when I tried to request it his account was blocked.
Turns out he had a bunch of overdue fines from having checked out the same book 5 years ago."


As I was reading the back posts of the blog, I saw that they linked to this great You Tube video that was made in honor of National Library Week a few years ago:


The video is actually not too far from the truth. Some things I have heard in real life:

Spelling questions: "How do you spell 'eerily'?"
Too Much Information: "My husband cheated on me before he got thrown in jail and now I need to find a book on regaining trust in a relationship."
Buying library supplies: "I'll give you 44 cents for a stamp from that roll over there."
Comments on personal appearance: "You're supposed to be pale and pasty like Kristen over there, not tan."
Trying to find lost objects: "I left my sunglasses in the mystery section. Can you go look for them?"
And the ever-present: "Where are the bathrooms?"

People have also:
  • asked me to explain how magnetism works
  • given me unsolicited financial advice
  • asked me for directions to an address written on their shoe
  • told me their ancestors invented electricity but then the Japanese stole the idea
  • asked me for the lyrics to old 40s songs
  • wanted a book they used to own about making homemade ice cream without knowing title or author ("I'll know it if I see it")
  • asked how much they would be charged for an item in case they really liked it a lot and "lost" it
  • asked if my boss and I were sisters
  • asked if they could use their calling card on the library phone to talk to someone in another state
  • asked me to type up a handwritten obituary so they could give it to the newspaper
  • asked me to take their credit card and go onto the Fannie Mae website to buy chocolates
  • asked me if this is the tax form they need
  • informed me that "women can't write mysteries"
  • asked for help identifying a snake they brought in a bucket
...and that's all I can think of right now. :blink:

Some great posts from Love the Liberry that also reminded me of my life:
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