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Kristen's Desk in May

Posted by KristoCat, 06 May 2011 · 2608 views

I don't know if you remember, but about a year ago I posted about preparing for the summer reading program, and said that my desk usually looked like a bizarre explosion had taken place. Well it's that time again at the library, and I was moved to take a picture of my desk last week to show all of you how craziness can manifest itself at the library. Here's the picture:

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Let's go from left to right. First you'll see my rapidly filling work calendar, which contains appointments for school visits as well as my normal load of about 15 programs (storytimes, etc.) per month. Then we have my computer displaying my email inbox, sadly lacking responses from people I have been hoping to hear back from re: school visits and summer activities. Then we have water for my paintbrush, sitting precariously close to my green water bottle (I just know one day I will mix them up and disaster will ensue). Underneath are 2 boxes. The purple box is full of baby food jars that I have yet to clean. They need to be clean because the kids will put cream in the jars, shake them like crazy for 10 minutes, and then eat the resulting butter with some bread. The white box is half full of pieces of paper towel tubes that I had spent over an hour cutting into tiny castle turret shapes. Uncut tubes are sitting on top of my file inbox in the white box top, along with a cut one set on top so you can see what they look like. My hands got pretty tired after all that cutting cardboard so I decided to do something else for a while. This turned out to be painting the papier-mache eggs I got at Hobby Lobby, planning to call them dragon's eggs for another summer activity. I was going to stand them up to dry with the paper cups you see to the far right, but the tops of the cups were too wide. I thought I was in trouble until I realized that the little paper towel tube pieces were the perfect circumference. So I set all those up, getting ready to paint them.

My co-worker saw the eggs and tubes and made a funny noise. I asked her what was up, and she said, "Oh, nothing." I said, "Is it the eggs?" And she said, "I'm just thinking about *snort* what they look like." I gave her a completely blank, confused look and she said, "Forget it, it's just my dirty mind." I looked at the eggs again and finally I realized what she was talking about. She thought they looked like penises! I said, "Oh my GOD!" and turned bright red. I will never look at those eggs the same way again.

There's not much else to point out, except for the many small notes to myself scattered around and the overflowing trash can. I kind of wish I could have taken a picture of my co-worker's desk, who sits in the cubicle next to me. Her desk is always super clean and organized and uncluttered, even when she's working on something.

Oh well. I'm getting kids in the library, so I guess that's what counts!

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