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First Prose-Poem With Medieval Content

Posted by RonPrice, 28 May 2008 · 1305 views


Part 1:
In the century, 1450 to 1550, European society was rapidly transformed.1 The monopoly held by the then dominant institution, the Catholic Church, was placed in serious dispute. Ten million books were produced in the decade Columbus sailed the Atlantic to the New World raising all sorts of questions and doubts about legitimate authority. Medieval society, seemingly stable and secure in 1450, was anything but. The stability was only a veneer. The world that my years of pre-pioneering and pioneering attempt to describe in both an indirect and direct, both a discursive and an intuitive, both a personal and analytical way, if it continues in the same direction for much more of this century, will indeed tell the story of a similar transformation. The church, religion and the nation, the state, democracy and Christianity, highly entrenched in 1953 may, by 2053, prove to be based on outworn shibboleths and historical anachronisms.

The transformation, the tempest, that was unleashed with the coming of the Bab and Baha'u'llah in the nineteenth century, and that has been blowing through my life time, my pioneering days, these earliest generations under the guidance of the Universal House of Justice, with continued force, deranging the world's equilibrium and 'uprooting its institutions'2 is leaving the world, at least so it seems to me after the passing of forty years of pioneering experience(1962 to 2002), unable to undertake the fundamental reorientation3 required without a great deal of suffering and despondency. -Ron Price with thanks to 1James Davidson and William Rees-Mogg, The Sovereign Individual, MacMillan, NY, 1997, p.99; 2Shoghi Effendi, The Promised Day is Come, 1976(1941), p.1; and 3The Universal House of Justice, ""Letter to the World's Religious Leaders," April 2002, p.3.

Part 2:
These questions did not exist

for me the year I got

my first baseball glove,

my mother saw that ad

in the Burlington Gazette

and they finished that temple

in Chicago………

but the world was changing

under my feet as I grew into
a man, then into an old man.
It was all becoming irrelevant,

first that hopeful, Communism,

then one day, it would appear,

democracy emerging as it had

when Shaykh Ahmad was in

his last years in N.E. Arabia

preparing himself for his role

as precursor to the Promised
One of all ages and all times.

As the Holy Church gained

ascendancy from 390 to 420

and lost it from 1490 to 1520,

so will there be in my day a

deliberate and decisive break

with religion and the ideology

of the nation state & this Faith

I have come to believe in---

Where will it be in all this?

Ron Price

2/8/'02 to 11/12/'14. 

May 2019

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