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Sir Percy's Lost Trophy

Posted by hobilar, 27 October 2006 · 1977 views

Sir Percy was very excited. The King had invited him to attend a Royal Hunt which was to be followed by a great Ball attended by all the rich and influential people in the realm.

Now, Sir Percy did enjoy a touch of Game hunting from time to time, so he set off to join the King at the Royal Hunting Lodge deep in the New Forest. He was met at the gate by...


Posted by hobilar, 20 July 2006 · 936 views

Well that is it then-We have had our two days of heatwave ( I even went and bought some Sun-Cream), but back to Britain's normal weather this morning.

At least for two days I managed to get out into the garden and catch up on some reading.

Now where did I leave my Winter woollies?

Sir Percy's visitor

Posted by hobilar, 11 July 2006 · 920 views

Sir Percy returned home one evening to find his good wife in some anxiety. Apparently, that afternoon a messenger had arrived and informed her that the King would be arriving at Sir Percy's castle, and requested that a feast should be prepared for the king and his attendants.

Sure enough a little while later, the king with all of his retinue arrived,...

Sir Percy's Motto

Posted by hobilar, 30 June 2006 · 1166 views

'Once a Knight-Always a Knight'

(But more than that, and it is hard to keep UP )

The further adventures of Sir Percy

Posted by hobilar, 29 June 2006 · 1029 views

Sir Percy set out one day on the quest for the Holy Snail (he was a bit hard of hearing). After several days ride he arrived at a ford over a fast flowing river.

"Is it deep?" he called to a nearby peasant.

"No Sir Knight" replied the peasant "Not deep at all"

Sir Percy dismounted and started to lead his horse across the...


Posted by hobilar, 28 June 2006 · 1065 views

Sir Percy has been away for five years on the Crusades. Eventually he gallops home to his castle to be with the love of his life.

The next morning, Sir Percy is looking for his boots when he finds a strange box under the bed.

"What is this?" asks Sir Percy to his bride, "This box contains three golf balls and a thousand gold...

Never to old to learn

Posted by hobilar, 16 May 2006 · 1095 views

They say that you are never to old to learn. In my case it is more a case of 'never to be to old to learn from your mistakes'.

For instance: What if you were to witness a pregnant young women being assaulted by a young thug. Would you report the incident?

I did, and for my trouble got suspended from work.

Seems the authorities would much rather...

A viper in our midst

Posted by hobilar, 28 March 2006 · 1267 views

"Sire, I feareth that ye may have a viper in ye midst. A foul vallainous knave who hides in the disguise of a Yeoman within the lands of Shadowedrealm.

Was on the morn of yesterday, that thy humble Hobilar, whilst travelling the lanes and by-ways of the Realm of Shadowed, stumbled upon a dark and sinister castle guarded by Dragons.

And deep within...

Never tempt Fate

Posted by hobilar, 04 March 2006 · 802 views

I saw this amusing caption scrawled in the dirt on the back of an articulated Lorry and couldn't help but laugh at the remark It read:


Well it certainly would-Colliding with the back of a large lorry would certainly end anybody's skid.

I should not have tempted fate. The very next day somebody ran into the back of...

Boxing Day

Posted by hobilar, 17 December 2005 · 1791 views

I was driving along the road recently listening to the car radio when I heard something that really surprised me and started the idea for this Blog.

Let me explain. The Radio presenter was, through a live link, talking to a Gentleman in Nebraska, USA. The subject of the discussion need not concern us here, but it was something that was said towards the end...

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