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Sir Percy's Lost Trophy

Posted by hobilar, 27 October 2006 · 1977 views

Sir Percy was very excited. The King had invited him to attend a Royal Hunt which was to be followed by a great Ball attended by all the rich and influential people in the realm.

Now, Sir Percy did enjoy a touch of Game hunting from time to time, so he set off to join the King at the Royal Hunting Lodge deep in the New Forest. He was met at the gate by the King's loyal steward, Sam Flann, who welcomed him to the party and escorted him to his room.

The next morning the Hunt began. The Nobles rode out to enjoy the day's sport, and Sir Percy was extremely lucky in spotting a magnificent deer which he shot with his bow. All the other Nobles were most impressed and the creature was ceremoniously taken back to the Lodge for display.

That night at the Ball, the Ladies of ther Court congratulated Sir Percy on his hunting success, and as the night wore on much Mead and Wine was consumed; Minstrels played beautiful music, and Sir Percy danced until the early hours with many a fair maid.

The next morning Sir Percy, much the worse for wear, took his leave. It was not until he was almost home that he suddenly realised that he had left his magnificent trophy behind.

To this day, it is said, that when the wind blows through the forest and the mist settles on the morning grass, locals say that they can still hear Sir Percy's mournful lament:

"I left my Hart in Sam Frann's Disco".

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