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K-zoo anybody?

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 03 April 2008 · 1937 views

Anybody else going to be at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in May?

Back Again....

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 15 January 2007 · 1358 views

I've been absent for many months from this site, but hopefully that is now over.

I am now finally back in school, as well. I started at Wayne State University last week and have found it quite nice to be back in the old routine.


Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 17 July 2006 · 1961 views

I wrote this entry earlier this year and I have finally received a hard copy of my efforts.

Aside from a typo in the sources section, everything seems fine.

Cover of the group's bulletin can be found here since I can't seem to include it in this entry...

Skeletal remains reveal leprosy

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 24 April 2006 · 2943 views

Skeletal remains reveal leprosy in a medieval prince....

I posted this at www.anthropology.net where I blog ($$) and thought that you guys might find it as interesting as I did.

(copy and paste is my friend)
I was absolutely ecstatic when I found a link to this article (granted the article does not appear to be new) in a livejournal group I...

Back again...

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 04 April 2006 · 1605 views

I haven't posted in awhile for a variety of reasons. One big reason is because I've been somewhat blogged-out lately. About six weeks ago I picked up another job (on top of the crappy server one). I blog at an anthropology site. I post about 8-10 times a week and after trying to dig up material to write on and actually sitting down to write an...

Female-Issues Bitching.....You've Been Warned!

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 30 January 2006 · 900 views

I thought Planned Parenthood (at least back in California) was supposed to be a low cost supplier of birth control stuff?

I finally was able to make an appointment, however I had to call back to cancel it. They are only open on Monday. On Monday Martin works. The exam is $171. I do not have anywhere near that amount of money. That sounds almost as...

I hate My New Job

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 22 January 2006 · 1699 views

I worked my first night at my new job last night.
It is as bad as I expected it to be. To begin, my new job is as a server at a catering/banquet hall place down the street. I now make a dollar less then at my previous job even though I now have a college degree. On top of that the hours are awful; I’ve been told I can get about 10-15 a week, if that....

More Fodder for my CV....

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 13 January 2006 · 1531 views

As some people may know, there are a few of the medieval military orders still around in some capacity today and apparently in New Zealand there is a chapter of the Order of St. Lazarus. The Chancellor of the Grand Priory of The Order of St Lazarus, Noel Chapman, stumbled across my article on the internet (not sure where) and contacted me about it. He...

Response to Adso de Fimnu's Journal

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 05 January 2006 · 1209 views

Sorry, I hope you don't mind. Since you cannot leave comments at your journal, I thought I'd try this route.....
"5 January: Adventures among the Hoi Polloi*
I took my grandmother to Wal-Mart a few days ago. (Not because I wanted to, but because she's on a limited budget and has no problems shopping there.) It was not a pleasant experience....

Pissing people off....

Posted by BoudiccasWrath, 16 December 2005 · 1437 views

I have been very busy these past few days. Sadly, it has been largely confined to commenting in threads at a history group on MySpace and at a Baldwin IV group at LiveJournal. At MySpace I replied to a comment left in a thread about Moore's film, Farenheight 911. From there I accidentally steered the debate off topic as two other members proceeded to...

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