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Robin Hood: Some Reflections

Posted by RonPrice in RonPrice's Blog, 10 December 2014 · 1946 views

Robin Hood: Some Reflections ROBIN HOOD
and......The Way We Really Were
Part 1:
Last night I watched some, but not all, of the story of Robin Hood , the heroic outlaw  found in  English folklore .  According to legend he was also a highly skilled  archer  and  swordsman . Traditionally depicted as being dressed in  Linc...


Kristen's Desk in May

Posted by KristoCat in KristoCat's Blog, 06 May 2011 · 2625 views

I don't know if you remember, but about a year ago I posted about preparing for the summer reading program, and said that my desk usually looked like a bizarre explosion had taken place. Well it's that time again at the library, and I was moved to take a picture of my desk last week to show all of you how craziness can manifest itself at the ...


Introduction to Sparks, Sweat and Sawdust

Posted by TheInaccurateSmithy in Sparks, Sweat and Sawdust., 06 March 2010 · 1621 views

Ok! So you made it this far, whatís this blog about? Basically itís just a place for me to talk about my work, show it off, and get some feedback, that sort of thing. Donít expect anything spectacular, but if you like what you see or have a question feel free to leave a comment. SO Iíll essentially be showing off my stuff and telling you how I did it...


Posted by chinawind in chinawind's Blog, 07 August 2008 · 1461 views

Yesterday China draw 1-1 with New Zealand in men's Olympic soccer, before the game, someone set his hope in a win of this game because they think New Zealand was the weakest term in Group C, for New Zealand's "Oly-Whites" have never qualified for the men's Olympic tournament before but they became the confident qualifier of Oceania...

K-zoo anybody?

Posted by BoudiccasWrath in Boudicca's Musings, 03 April 2008 · 1947 views

Anybody else going to be at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in May?

Word Pictures

Posted by Erik in Erik's Blog [Lionheart's crusade], 13 November 2007 · 2028 views


All was festive in the great round palace finely built of wood deep within the forests north of the Danube. Mead and wine spilled from plundered gold and silver goblets and even from holy chalices onto carpeting of nomad felt. In the swaying shadows cast by pine torches, squat, broad-shouldered, wild-looking men, clad in skins and silks...

Sir Percy's Lost Trophy

Posted by hobilar in Hobilar's Blog, 27 October 2006 · 1987 views

Sir Percy was very excited. The King had invited him to attend a Royal Hunt which was to be followed by a great Ball attended by all the rich and influential people in the realm.

Now, Sir Percy did enjoy a touch of Game hunting from time to time, so he set off to join the King at the Royal Hunting Lodge deep in the New Forest. He was met at the gate by...

Workin on Updates

Posted by Ricker in Shadowed Realm Dev Blog, 24 May 2006 · 2003 views

I've decided to hold off on the guide for right now - I think there are more important things I should be working on for the site right now. One area that definitely needs updating is the wiki. I'd like to come out with a whole new version, but I'm trying to decide just what to do and what to include, but you can read more about that here.


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