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Newborn milk goats spring 2010

Newborn milk goats spring 2010

Years ago my wife saw a free retired milk doe goat in the paper and wanted to get her, so what the heck, we went and got her.

A few weeks later some friends of ours asked if we wanted a free milk buck again sure, why not.. We named the new buck Billy to go with the doe having been named Nanny. We might should have waited to name Billy until after we saw him.... we would have probably called him Satan.. he was evil looking and equally evil tempered, I wondered when they delivered him if free was a better deal for them than it was for us.

Billy soon calmed down and actually became a very good goat, Billy and Nanny soon had a baby we called Princess, as soon as we had Princess we were forever hooked on goats. Billy and Nanny were both old when we got them and they have since passed on, but we have many of their offspring and many other goats we have picked up from other places. We now have a milk goat herd of 20 , should be 25 to 30 by the time all babies are born this year. We have sold off goats to people around here over the years and there are now several other herds in the area based off this herd.

We should produce around 10 to 12 gallons of milk a day this year once the babies are weaned, we let the kids drink all the milk they want and we make cheese from the rest... mmmmm mouthwatering cheese.