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fade of the old gods

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Posted 17 October 2014 - 02:25 AM

I do not wish for this discussion to turn into a web of conspiracies and will such avoid those areas.
Why did the old gods die out? Why were they abandoned? What kind of universal change in the minds of people lead to singular gods such as with christianity. I have some answers already:
-A single more uniform god can be adopted by all while culture specific gods are well culture specific.
-I understand one theory is that the old gods do not have explanations or reasoning for other gods, however the theory goes that christianity explains that the other gods are demons. Which is strange because in the old testament god would say "you may have no other gods before me". While this may just be in order to say im the only god it can also easily be interpreted as there are other gods. I mentioned this with the sole purpose of understanding how other religions were viewed.

I have allot to study before i can fully understand what i will need to know for my answers. Such as the spread of various religions and beliefs throughout classical europe. Which beliefs and gods remained the strongest and which were wiped out or conquered. I also need to study all the conversion points from older religions to christianity as i believe not all of them were done at the tip of a sword. One theory for example could be that people saw that Christianity was safer and more convenient since it does not require sacrifices. Although that cant be a good enough reason on its own because in their minds there are very good reasons why sacrifices were made. Though this is a quite a swindly point.
Does any one know about any particular books i can read that explores the evolution of classic era Europe's mythology and the conversion process to christianity?
Feel free to still give your insights on the question.
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