Medieval Translations

Medieval translations is a section that contains translations of literature, poetry, and other medieval works. The works may be translated in whole or in part.

Translated Works

Aucassin and Nicolette
"Aucassin and Nicolette" is a lighthearted medieval French ballad (chantefable). It recounts the adventures of two star-crossed lovers who must go to great lengths for the chance to be together, although they don't have to quite go as far as killing themselves with a dagger or poison - or do they?

Often displaying tongue-in-cheek humor, amusing role reversals, and unusual situations, this tale is guaranteed to delight even modern reader.

Translated from the French by: Kristen Lawson  |  Contributed by: Kristen Lawson  |  Added: 09.03.06

Songs of Old France
Songs of Old France includes translations of rondels, triolets, lays, ballads, and more from fourteenth and fifteenth century France.

By: Percy Allen  |  Contributed by: Rich Lawson  |  Added: 09.04.06