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  • Military (18)
    Battles, troops, knights, and tactics.
  • Models and Modelmaking (0)
    Models of castles and siege equipment.
  • People (224)
    Important historical figures and other personages.
  • Politics (9)
    Court intrigue and succession.
  • Programs of Study (0)
    Medieval programs and courses of study.
  • Reenactments (1)
    Staging battles, equipment, and other considerations.
  • Religion (5)
    Clergy, orders, services, practices, and synods.
  • Scholars and Scholarship (0)
    Information regarding important medieval historians and conferences.
  • Society (5)
    The nobility, serfs, burgesses, and towns.
  • Technology (1)
    Technological developments during the medieval period.
  • Travel (0)
    Places of interest for medieval enthusiasts.


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