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A light helmet, generally without a visor; so called from its resemblance to a basin. Having evolved from the earlier cervelliere in the fourteenth century, this helmet was worn on its own and the crown was eventually pointed and the sides extended as improvements to offer greater protection. An aventail was sometimes attached to the bascinet.

Related term(s): Cervelliere; Aventail; Basnet; Great Bascinet; Kettle Hat; Chapel de fer
Category: Armour and Shields
Added: 05.01.05
Last modified: 09.04.05
Source information: Wise, Terrence. Medieval Warfare. New York: Hastings House Publishers, Inc., 1976. 37; Wilhelm, Thomas. A Military Dictionary and Gazetteer. Philadelphia: L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1881. 47.


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