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A polearm with both a rectangular blade and a spike mounted on top of its approximately six to seven-foot haft. This was surmounted by an instrument much resembling a bill-hook, constructed alike for cutting and thrusting. It also had a cross-piece of steel, less sharp, for the purpose of pushing, and one end of this cross-piece was turned down as a hook for use in tearing down that against which an attack was made. Eventually, a spike would also be added to the bottom of the haft.

Related term(s): Halbert; Polearm; Haft; Bill-hook; Bill; Gisarme
Category: Weapons
Added: 07.05.04
Last modified: 10.08.05
Source information: Wilhelm, Thomas. A Military Dictionary and Gazetteer. Philadelphia: L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1881. 212; Wise, Terrence. Medieval Warfare. New York: Hastings House Publishers, Inc., 1976. 82.


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