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A league of German trading towns. In the thirteenth century the German towns of L├╝beck, Hamburg, and Cologne were the centers of Northern European trade. Several German trading companies were established in London, and in 1282 these were combined into a single company, The London House at the Steelyards. The name was a mistranslation of the German words 'stal' and 'hof' (courtyard), and it was located to the west of London Bridge on the north bank of the Thames (on the site of the current Cannon Street Railway Station). During the fifteenth century other 'steelyards' were established at Boston and King's Lynn.

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Category: Trade and Coinage
Added: 10.04.05
Contributor(s): Alan Chanter
Source information: Kenyon, J.P. The Wordsworth Dictionary of British History. Wordsworth Editions, 1998.


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