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A redan is the simplest work in field fortification. It consists of two parapets whose faces join in forming a salient angle toward the enemy, like a letter 'V', in which the apex is to the front. Regarded by itself, the redan is a work of very little strength, since there is no flanking fire to protect its faces, and nothing to prevent an enemy from forcing an entrance at the gorge, but redans are useful in many positions, and the rapidity with which they may be constructed is advantageous.

Related term(s): Fortification; Parapet; Face (Fortification); Angle, Salient; Flank (Fortification)
Category: Castles and Fortifications
Added: 10.01.05
Source information: Wilhelm, Thomas. A Military Dictionary and Gazetteer. Philadelphia: L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1881. 480.


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